Strategic Planning and Ongoing Coaching

Our Strategic Planning and Ongoing Coaching services scale to fit the needs of the founders and owners that contract us to set their products and companies on a course for long-term, sustainable growth. We’ll work as your executive team, for 3 – 36 months to revamp operations, overhaul messaging, and set the groundwork for quarterly goal achievements, staff management, communications, branding, performance tracking, reporting. New executives will be hired and trained, and we’ll continue on well into the future, guiding, coaching, and advising them.

This level of service is ideal for types of founders. The first is for founders and developers who have created a product “on the side” that has become successful but find themselves unable to divert enough attention from their core business to properly grow the successful product into a full-scale business.

The second is for founders that lack the executive experience they need to gain confidence from investors and creditors.

Whatever your unique situation is, we apply a mix of techniques, experience, and processes from these 6 areas:


We strongly believe in mapping out plans for where the company is going and how they are going to get there from where they are today. We’ll discover or review the company’s:

Planning Methodology
Short and Long-Term Goals
Growth Opportunities
Stagnation and Elimination Threats


Harnessing technology to reduce redundancies and allow employees to spend time on higher-value tasks is a key element in growth. We’ll identify areas where tasks can be automated, and provide the programming or vendor selection expertise to get the job done. Common areas ripe for automation include:

Customer Feedback
Data Entry and Data Management
Vendor Interactions


We’ll work to define and infuse the company’s core value proposition into all aspects of the business. More than “advertising”, thoughtful marketing will allow the company to continually share and reinforce their message. We’ll build or review all outward facing channels:

Editorial Plan
Social Media
Customer Service Communications
Press Communications
Investor Communications


The structure of the organization – the people, assets and resources that make up the company – is the foundation on which the business will grow. So, we’ll ensure it’s ready for that growth with a deep dive, enhancements, or formation of:

Company Culture
Organizational Structure (Hierarchy/Holacracy, roles)
Responsibilities and Role Descriptions
Staffing: Hiring and Firing
Documented Processes and Procedures
Partners/Vendors/Service Providers
Building/Real Estate

Technology Development

We have a long history of developing, enhancing and streamlining technology platforms. We’ll work with your team to formulate plans for your technology needs, and either take on the development or guide your team through it. Services include:

Product Roadmap
Development Sprints
Feature Enhancements
Codebase Structuring/Restructuring
Database Structuring/Restructuring
Hosting and Server Setup and Administration


Performance ties all of the business activities back to the initial plan. We create systems for tracking, reporting, and managing progress as the company grows and changes over time. This ongoing service includes:

Goal Achievement Progress Reporting
Roadblock Reporting
Meeting Rhythm and Purpose
Customer Satisfaction (NPS)
Employee Reviews
Looping Back to the Plan

We apply our decades of experience to
build a strong foundation for sustainable, long-term growth:

Develop, communicate and execute the strategy for growth
Establish goal setting, performance tracking, communication, and reporting standards
Establish company culture
Manage financial accounts
Interface with vendors and customers
Hire, fire and manage staff and contractors
Elevate profile and brand affinity
Report to owners on a regular basis
Hire and train new executive team

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