Strategic Planning and Ongoing Coaching

Our Strategic Planning and Ongoing Coaching services scale to fit the needs of the founders and owners that contract us to set their products and companies on a course for long-term, sustainable growth. We’ll work as your executive team,for 3 – 36 months to revamp operations, overhaul messaging, and set the groundwork for quarterly goal achievements, staff management, communications, branding, performance tracking, reporting. New executives will be hired and trained, and we’ll continue on well into the future, guiding, coaching, and advising them.

This level of service is ideal for types of founders. The first is for founders and developers who have created a product “on the side” that has become successful, but find themselves unable to divert enough attention from their core business to properly grow the successful product into a full-scale business.

The second is for founders that lack the executive experience they need to gain confidence from investors and creditors.

We apply our decades of experience to
build a strong foundation for sustainable, long-term growth:

Develop, communicate and execute the strategy for growth
Establish goal setting, performance tracking, communication, and reporting standards
Establish company culture
Manage financial accounts
Interface with vendors and customers
Hire, fire and manage staff and contractors
Elevate profile and brand affinity
Report to owners on a regular basis
Hire and train new executive team

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