Technical Hiring and Project Management

Technical Hiring and Project Management

We often find clients who have specific technical needs, a budget to hire a programmer/programmers and yet they don’t know where to begin and they don’t know if they need a full-time programmer or project-based contractors. In addition, they aren’t sure of what the qualifications for programmers might be and how to determine if they are getting quality results in a timely fashion.

Rust Built has the experience and expertise to solve that problem.

We apply our decades of experience managing technical projects to:

Create and distribute a job description based on technical needs
We communicate with and are available to the programmer for questions throughout the month or lifespan of the project.
Screen and interview prospective hires and present you with 3 choices
A monthly call is scheduled with the programmer to assess progress, address issues and refine goals
Once you hire your choice, we work with the programmer to set milestones for their first project
Communication - we report back to you each month with the programmer's progress and any concerns or kudos we have to share

Here is what our clients have to say:

I’ve known Eric for years, and I know his proven track record of hiring remote employees, so I asked him to help me find a candidate for a project I was working on.

He came back with his recommendation for this project and for another I had discussed offhandedly with him. I’m amazed these programmers were not only available but that Rust Built found them and brought them both on board.

Hiring Rust Built to recruit for us cost us some money up front but saved us thousands in the long run. They understood our needs hired the right people, and I didn’t have to spend days reviewing applications and interviewing candidates. Make the investment to hire right the first time and you won’t find yourself going through the process again in a few weeks.

GoToVerdict Technical Hiring Project Review
CEO, GoToVerdict

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