Intensive Workshops

Our Intensive Workshops offer you a taste of what our involvement can bring in terms of setting a strong foundation for long-term growth.

Choose one of three areas to focus on for 3 days of discussion, planning, and strategy development at your offices. We’ll work alongside you and your executive team to identify opportunities and issues. You’ll walk away with a clear plan and a unified team ready to execute it.

Development Sprint

We’ll focus on a product, feature or other technology need you’re currently facing. Throughout the week, we’ll narrow down the scope, create a variety of options for addressing the need and develop a working prototype to test and outline the development plan and launch timeline.

Planning Workshop

We’ll work with executives and key employees to identify and document the company’s driving forces and how it plans to turn those into value for customers and long-term profits for shareholders. You’ll take away a foundational plan and the steps for making headway on reaching your goals week by week.

Revamp Audit

Perfect for companies that have reached a level of success, but are now struggling with how to scale human resources without losing the personal touches that have lead to your success. You’ll walk away with an organizational chart, staffing plan and confidence to build out your team.

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