Digital Marketing Hiring and Strategy Management

Whether it’s Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Paid Ads/PPC/CPM, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, or anything between… digital marketing strategies often go untapped by companies because they are not confident that they fully understand the marketing channel enough to even hire someone to do the work for them. This is where we step in. We help our clients find the right professional to meet their needs. First, we collect information about budget and expectations to determine if you should hire an staff, or outsource to an agency. We then:

We apply our decades of experience managing technical projects to:

Create and distribute the job description and/or RFP to collect candidates
If you decide on an employee, we will set goals, KPIs and a quarterly plan for the employee
Interview the candidates / talk to the agencies to narrow the choices down to 3 potential employees or agencies
Be available to the employee throughout the month for questions and mentoring
Report to you once a month on the employee's progress and any issues or concerns
If you decide on an agency, we can attend your monthly meeting with the agency to ensure they are continuing to deliver at an acceptable rate
Meet with the employee once a month to review progress, address issues and continue planning into the future

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