Affiliate Channel Management

Our team includes some of affiliate marketing’s most well-respected professionals.  Since the late 90’s and early 2000’s,  we have developed and managed a variety of affiliate marketing technologies and strategies. Put our decades of experience to work when you choose us to manage your affiliate marketing channel.

Best Suited For...

Our Affiliate Channel Management service is best suited for publishers (affiliates) who have developed a steady flow of traffic, social media followers, and email subscribers, and who would like to monetize that reach with placement fees and commissions through the affiliate marketing channel.

Services Includes

We’ll work with you to design a custom package that includes the right mix of the following items to help you maximize your earning potential through the affiliate channel. Service packages start at $300/month.

Strategy Development

  • Understand your goals and develop a strategy to meet them using performance marketing
  • Work with you to develop a list of target partners and types of partners
  • Identify key points on which to negotiate with merchants

Technology Support

  • Provide technical write-ups for network, datafeed, and API integrations
  • Offer suggestions and support to your technical team as they implement links

Monetization Management

  • Create a media kit that highlights your unique value proposition to merchants
  • Create and send regular communications to keep merchants informed and engaged
  • Work with merchants/advertisers to develop targeted campaigns
  • Provide you with monetized content to distribute

Analyze, Optimize, Report

  • Continually analyze activity in the programs
  • Report any issues or opportunities we see to you
  • Create and deliver a report each month to review performance

Core competencies:

Monetization strategies
Network relationships
Tracking technology
Site/Application UX
OPM/Merchant relationships
Performance report analysis
List building
Loyalty programs and deal sites
Conversion optimization
Content planning
Industry trends

Tell us about your site and we’ll be in touch with how we can help you

  • In Google Analytics go to Audience > Overview then set the report range to Last 30 days
  • Top Pages

    In Google Analytics, go to Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages. What are your top 3 pages and what % of your Sessions do they make up?
  • URL and % of Sessions
  • URL and % of Sessions
  • URL and % of Sessions
  • E-Mail List

  • Revenue

  • Monthly revenue from affiliate marketing channel only
  • Top Merchants

  • Merchant Name, approx % of Revenue
  • Merchant Name, approx % of Revenue
  • Merchant Name, approx % of Revenue

Proud Members of the Performance Marketing Association

Rust Built is a Corporate member of the Performance Marketing Association, the affiliate marketing industry’s only trade association. Our Managing Partner, Rachel Honoway, currently serves as the President of the organization’s Board of Directors.